#ThirstyThursday: Dabang Coffee Review: A Coffee About History & Prostitutes

What does coffee have to do with history and prostitutes? Everything.

I swear it’s not click-bait.

When my fat boss tossed to me 2 cups of coffee with Korean words all over it, I didn’t know what I was getting into.

Before this, I had already ingested 2 cups of coffee, which was already twice my daily amount.

And surely, for the sake of science, doubling that amount yet again can’t be that bad right?

Are those faces not the face of approval?

It’s not the smartest idea I had.

Because drinking the coffee made something happen. I’m not sure what it is. It might be the caffeine. But everything is spinning.

Image: Giphy

And I got transported to the past… in Korea

Image: visitseoul.net

I arrived in a cafe-like place that can only be described as old-school. But somehow, it’s new. My confused self and relatively weird clothing must have startled the surrounding people.

The surrounding Korean words clued me that I am somehow in Korea. Caffeine is a scary drug. Don’t do caffeine, kids.

But what I noticed is the old, and I mean really old, clothing the Koreans here had. Their face was also a bit dirty, and in comparison, my clean face must be unthinkable here.

Maybe they sensed that I was someone important because I spoke English (I don’t know why I expected they understand it), or that I somehow looked foreign enough that I must be a minister from a foreign country of some sorts. Jeans must be pretty rare in this time period.

They offered me some coffee.

I immediately spit it out. Though from the looks of their astonishment I pretended to cough and finished the rest of it to be polite.

It’s not that good… And overly sweet.

Anyway, because of word constraints, I can only tell you a summary of what I learnt in my time travel.

Dabang (다방), the Korean coffee shop

Korea got introduced to coffee by Antoinette Sontag, the German sister-in-law of the Russian consul general, in 1896 when Emperor Gojong became the first Korean to get addicted to coffee. Dabang 다방, or Korean coffee shops, was first opened for foreign diplomats.

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