S’pore Girls from Date Renting Site Earn Up to $1.6K Per Week

Image: maybe.sg

For a long time, mankind has waged war over one single question:

“Which job reigns supreme on this vast, superficial planet?”

“Government officials, of course!” some argue. “Big money, big cars, big mistresses. The complete job.”

“Firefighters!” others roar. “Without us, buildings will burn. Cities will burn. We’re probably the closest incarnations of Marvel you can get, people!”

And of course, there will be those that voice the inevitable:

“Do you even need to ask? What else but the infamous red-light district? Big money, big business, and all you gotta do are entertain balding old men with pot bellies who finish within 2 minutes. Splendid.”

“But it’s gross!” you argue. “You’re selling your body; you’re selling your morals! It’s wrong!”

Well then, a voice echoes. How about this? You earn up to $1.6K SGD per week without all the skinship, finishing, etc. etc. And on top of it all, you get to practise your socialising skills. Now is that dope or what?

“W-What?” you utter, utterly confused. “How could such a grand job exist in this world? What are you?”

Well… they do call me by many names, but if you want to call me…

You can call me Maybe.


Lest you’ve been living under a cave, you would’ve surely heard of Maybe.sg, the latest revelation to sweep the nation by storm.

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