Batman Suparman in The News Again, This Time After Being Attacked for Being ‘Annoying’

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There’s one fellow who can inflict damage to both Batman and Superman concurrently, and it’s not the Joker or Lex Luthor.

His name is Mr Eng Guan Hong.

Because earlier this year, the supervillain Foodpanda deliveryman injured Batman Suparman, the guy who might be stopped for questioning should he attempt to watch a Marvel movie.

Here’s what happened.

Batman Suparman

Batman gained fame in 2008 when someone leaked his IC image online, which became an instant meme.

No one would have batted an eye about him until 2013 when he made it in the news, this time not for his name but for his crimes: he had stolen his brother’s (I’m guessing his name is Iron Man Spidar-Man) credit card, breaking into an office and consuming heroin. He was then sentenced to two years’ imprisonment.

His name, just like any DC superhero, hasn’t popped up in people’s mind for the next six years.

But today, it’s revealed that he’s now a superhero delivering food for hungry people.

And he, just like the superheroes, has a temper and a strong urge for justice.

Batman Suparman’s Argument with Guan Hong

On 28 January this year, Guan Hong, who’s completely unrelated to a certain biscuit brand, had sent a voice message in a group chat, saying that there was a new scheme for riders, and anyone who didn’t sign up would be “bodoh“—Malay for “stupid”, but also used regularly in Singlish.

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