KFC New Grilled Chicken Review: So Good, KFC Should Stop Frying Chickens & Grill Them Instead

Every time KFC comes up with something new, Singaporeans get excited.

Image: imgflip.com

I mean, look at the Gold Spice Chicken.

It looked unassuming and nothing at all like what they’ve advertised. But the taste was out of this world. Literally, because it doesn’t taste like salted egg, but it’s just as good.

Okay, enough fanboying about the Gold Spice Chicken that I never got to try. If you want to know how the Gold Spice fared, you can read the review here.

But when it comes to grilled chicken, I knew that I die-die-also-must-be-the-one to review it.

And given how George’s a fat kid who never eats anything that’s not fried? I won easily.

Image: giphy.com

So, how does it look?

I’ll be honest. After so many food reviews, so many advertisements and thoroughly understanding the meaning of for illustration purposes only, I wasn’t expecting much.

But lo and behold, the real Signature Grilled Chicken looks even better than what KFC is showing on their photos.

Fer real.

I mean, look at their advert.

Image: KFC Singapore

Now, look at the real thing.

Isn’t that just beautiful?

Here’s a closer look at what could possibly be KFC’s most beautiful chicken ever.

Look at that perfectly charred skin.

And it’s size? It’s nothing to scoff at.

That’s a Samsung S9, by the way. Oh, and that’s our app. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, trust me, you’re missing out.

Okay, back to the topic.

So, it looks great and all, but like what my grand-sensei in foodie-logy always say, a food review isn’t a review until you bite into it.

How does it taste?

If you’re not a believer in KFC and their Chicken Whisperer game, you’d probably be wondering if KFC got it right this time.

I mean, after all, they’re Kentucky Fried Chicken, not Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

But guess what?

The chicken tastes as good as it looks. Unlike normal grilled chicken out there, this lovely piece of grilled Chicken from KFC is sweet with a hint of spice.

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