Taiwanese YouTuber Came to S’pore & Said M’sians Made Him ‘Uncomfortable’

Image: YouTube (鍾明軒)

This guy’s name is Zhong Ming Xuan.

He’s 19 years old, and his hairdresser seemed to have cut his hair while putting a bowl over his head.

Image: YouTube (鍾明軒)

He’s also a YouTuber from Taiwan, and because I’m a stupid idiot, I’m very awed by his lifestyle because he mentioned something about some advertisement he needed to do, and I’m pretty sure he’s just booked an impromptu vacation to Singapore before his school starts because he needs to, and not to show us peasants that he’s rich.

Nothing’s wrong; he vlogs often and of course he’s famous, with well over 615K subscribers.

Here, take a look at his video:

Ok, pretty entertaining. Good edits, fast-paced and rather funny. That’s expected since he’s been YouTubing for more than seven years, posting videos since he was a young teenager.

But there’s just something that triggered Malaysians.

“Those Malaysians Are Staring at Me, Making me Uncomfortable”

When Ming Xuan was in MBS, he spoke to air the camera, claiming that because Malaysia is so close to Singapore, “Those Malaysians are staring at me, making me uncomfortable.” Wait…what? Why?

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