Parents of Man Who Threw a Wine Bottle Down & Killed Someone Said Their Son is ‘Kind’ & ‘Caring’

Image: Nas Suriati Nasiari / YouTube (Screengrab)

I‘m sure by now, we might be familiar with the news of Mr Nasiari Sunee’s death from a falling wine bottle.

He was visiting his relatives for a housewarming when a bottle hit him on the head. He was rushed to a hospital and died after his heart stopped four times.

Soon after, Andrew Gosling, 47, was arrested and has been charged for his actions, as he should be if anyone is ever this inconsiderate.

Image: YouTube (Screengrab)

Recently, his parents have spoken up, attempting to plead for leniency.

Defending Their Son

Andrew’s parents spoke out for the first time in defence of their son and his alleged actions.

“It isn’t like him at all. He’s loving, he’s caring,” his mother, Pam Gosling, said. “He’s kind, he’s caring – he hasn’t got a malicious bone in his body.”

His father, Ian, added that this incident was something “completely foreign” and that they are unable to comprehend that it happened.

Image: YouTube (Screengrab)

Andrew was also described as kind, looking after his wheelchair-bound grandmother when Pam was unable to do so.

Mr Nasiari was with his family at the apartment block’s barbecue area when the incident occurred. Andrew was in the nearby pool earlier in the day and there had been an argument.

Image: 7News

Possible link to the crime?

“We’ll support him all the way, we’ll always be there for him,” Pam adds, “We just want to get through this, and he’ll get through it because we’re strong and he’s strong.”

Actions By Legal Team

Currently, Andrew’s legal team is back in Melbourne, trying to gather evidence to show he is a man of good character. “He’s here to take steps and come clean,” his lawyer, Gloria James, mentions in an interview.

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