S’pore Chinese Newspapers Call Mercs Lady ‘Hot Fiery Woman’ & Revealed Her Info Without Breaking The Law

Image: Facebook

By now, we should all be aware of who this ‘chio bu’ is.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Taxi Driver)

If you’re unsure, here’s a short recap.

  • In a video that was posted online on 7 Sept 2019, a lady was seen hitting someone after stepping out of her Mercedes Benz
  • She then hurled a few vulgarities before getting back to her car.
  • She started driving against the traffic.
  • On 9 September 2019, it was reported that the lady was arrested and had her license suspended.

Two Chinese Newspapers Joined Forces

With all these hoo-ha ongoing, no news media will miss the chance to join the bandwagon…which explains why we are talking about it as well.

However, this is the next level kind of reporting, in which Shin Min and Zaobao had joined forces for their reporting on 9 September 2019.

The Chinese news media may have collected pieces of information based on the viral video of her as well as from online information released in online forums and social media.

By now, we should all have realised that Singaporeans have pretty good detective skills especially if you do stupid things like this.

Image: Facebook (Singapore Taxi Driver)

It was also reported that reporters from the Chinese news media have gone out to specifically look for the lady for on-the-ground reporting, although the lady was nowhere to be found.

Lianhe Wanbao had also previously reported that the lady’s Mercedes was a gift for herself in 2016 for her 29th birthday based on an Instagram post.

Image: Social Media

But, Shin Min x Zaobao has probably revealed way more crucial information to reveal the lady’s identity.

Crucial Information Revealed

The two Chinese news media had released 2 pages worths of information regarding the lady in question. They started off by labelling her “Hot fiery woman”. Not sure if they meant that she’s hot-tempered or her body is hot. You make the call.

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