M’sian Doctor Reveals How Unhealthy Bubble Tea Is & Advises Netizens To Avoid It

Image for illustration purpose only. / Image: littlekop / Shutterstock.com

If three cups of bubble tea a day doesn’t sum up my extremely unhealthy and expensive obsession with bubble tea, I don’t know what will.

I drink bubble tea like how others drink water. And I know some of you do too 😉

Here’s a video about bubble tea we’ve done because we’re free like that:

Malaysian doctor, Dr K.K Tan has come forth with facts that might change your mind afterwards.

By now, you might have seen the countless articles about how bad bubble teas are for your health (like this one that tells you to avoid brown sugar bubble teas) but perhaps hearing from a doctor would change your perspective after.

It All Starts With The Tapioca Pearls 

According to the post on Dr Tan’s Facebook page, the tapioca pearls are loaded with carbs- and they are not the healthy kind.

That, we know. But how unhealthy?

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