Man Marries Dead Girlfriend on Hospital Bed Before She Donates 12 Of Her Organs

Image: China Press, The Bohol Chronicle

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Man Marries Dead Girlfriend on Hospital Bed Before She Donates 12 Of Her Organs

Everything started on 22 August.

On that fateful day, a van driver collided with a 32-year-old female motorcyclist in Taipei, Taiwan, resulting in a tragic accident that left the woman in critical condition.

Image: The Bohol Chronicle

She was rushed to the hospital, her life barely hanging on by a thread.

While she was hospitalised, her family, as well as her boyfriend (who was known as Lin), had accepted that the chances of her surviving this ordeal were slim. Really slim. However, they still pined for a miracle.

Which did not happen.

Three days after the accident, the injuries proved too severe, and she was declared dead.

Charitable, Even Till The End

Despite being wrecked by grief, her family decided to donate 12 of her organs, including her heart, liver, cornea, skin and blood vessels. According to China Press, the victim’s mother reportedly said this:

“If she is already dying, she will leave the world. This opportunity can save a lot of people. The organs will go to those who need it and many people will love them.” But before they took their daughter off life support to donate her organs, the victim’s family granted her boyfriend one last chance to say farewell.

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