Mother Sells Twin Babies For $12.6k To Pay Credit Card Debts & Buy New Phone

Image: Guanghua Daily, Weibo

You’d think that most mothers would be overjoyed the day that their children are born, and be prepared to love them unconditionally for the rest of their lives.

After all, they did carry that child in their bodies for nine months, and they’re obviously going to do their very best to protect them and look after them dearly.

Not this particular mother of twins in China, though.

Mother Sold Her Twin Babies

Monsters come in different shapes and sizes. This lady is one of them.

A 20-year-old single mother, known only as Ma, sold off her newborn twin boys in September last year for 65,000 yuan (S$12,600).

The woman, who’s from Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, felt that she had no choice but to sell her children as she was “penniless and heavily in debt”.

Image: Guanghua Daily

According to Guanghua Daily, Ma sold her two sons to others for 45,000 yuan and 20,000 yuan respectively, a week after they were born.

Don’t know why one’s more expensive than the other.

She said that her parents were not willing to help her because they were angry about her surprise pregnancy.

Split The Money With The Father

The father of the twins, Wu Nan, refused to be responsible for the babies. He was financially unstable and was drowning in debt accumulated from gambling his money away.

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