The Number of Times A Person Has To Poop A Day Based On Statistics

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In a society today, everything is about the image.

Everybody loves their face.

Everything has to be pretty and glam; things must always appear flawless on the outside.

That explains the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram as they help to keep up the facade.

But at the end of the day, when we’re all comfortable at home, is when we let out true selves out.

Girls sit in “inappropriate” postures, boys can indulge in “girly” hobbies and habits, we burp loudly, pass a little gas, and finally, we always have to do that one shitty thing.

What shitty thing?

That shitty thing.

Everybody Poops

Lies, everyone knows that girls don’t poop.


Wait… they do?

Well, yes, everybody poops.

It’s a normal process of the human body.

In fact, it’s a useful indication of your gastrointestinal health that’s been made to be something “shameful”, perhaps due to its unpleasant stench and looks.

Well, it’s time for a little biology lecture.

So what’s poop made of? Why does it smell so bad?

Let Doctor Goody Feed teach you.

Firstly, as most people should remember from primary school science, poop is simply the waste product from your body after digesting all the HaiDiLao you ate.

It’s actually made of mostly water, though. Surprise, surprise. Around 75%, in fact.

If we exclude water, around 50% to 80% is actually comprised of dead bacteria from your intestines that helped to digest your food. This is also the part that smells so bad, due to the compounds produced.

As stated above, poop is a good indication of your diet and health.

So, how many times should you poop a day?

Doctor Goody Feed’s got the answer for you.

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