25YO Man Avoids Peeing After Night of Heavy Drinking; Wakes Up With Ruptured Bladder

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My mum would always say that drinking is bad for health and I should not drink so frequently – NOT THAT I DO!

But there are days where I chanced upon benefits of alcohol online, for example:

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Not sure how true it is, but honestly, drink in moderation.

Just like too much of chicken breast can cause gout, too much of alcohol, regardless of its benefits, can cause damage to your liver too.

Or it may cause your bladder to…explode.

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Held His Pee And Refused The Toilet

We all have that habit of holding our pee, especially back in primary school when the teacher-in-charge just refuses to let you off.

Me: *Raise hand* Cher, I want go toilet

Heartless Teacher: No, you just went 30 minutes back


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But this Chinese man in Beijing wasn’t stopped by his teacher.

Instead, he was stopped by his drunken self.

Yup, being drunk never end up well.

A Get-Together With His Friend

According to World of Buzz, the man, Li Hua, was at Hunan Province for a business trip, when he decided to meet a couple of friends for a drink.

Little did he know the get-together dragged late into the night, and although he felt the urge to pee, HE REFUSED TO.

Later that night, Li Hua suffered from intense abdominal pain and could not pee despite the urge to.

He also said that his entire abdomen felt tight and was painful when he pressed against it.

Little did he know – again – it was more than just “intense abdominal pain”.

His Bladder Exploded

The doctor had told Li Hua that his bladder rupture had led to haemorrhaging and peritonitis.

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