Maplestory M Review After 12 Days of Gameplay: Filled with Flaws But Still Addictive

Previously, I did a first look impression on the mobile sensation ‘Maplestory M’, and while the response was lukewarm at best I reckon I should do a full review on it anyway, just to round things up. Incidentally, here’s the link to it if you’re interested.

Now, just to clarify, I’ve been playing this game for the past 12 days or so, so this is by no means a half-assed review.

During these 12 days, I made sure to explore the very depths of the game, from the various EXP dungeons to discerning whether that cute avatar’s player is really a girl.

Well, first impression has won. How does it fare after two weeks of gameplay?

So without further ado, I shall commence my full review of the game, and determine whether Maplestory M’s more of a hit…

Or a damn miss.

Image: Tenor GIF Keyboard

Levelling up’s pretty easy

Think Usain Bolt is fast? Well, you’ve obviously never played Maplestory M. I’m telling you…

Levelling up is a breeze.

Indeed, my colleague, who created a new account just three days ago, now boasts a level 85 Bishop with 7K critical damage. Not too shabby, considering how he didn’t exactly play the entire 24 hours, and mostly just lets the game run on auto-quest.

Isn’t that too easy then, you scream. It’s a floppppp.

And really, that’s what I would have said too, had my colleague not come up to me and said:

“The quests stopped. And my level did too.”

That’s right folks. Levelling up might be as easy as ABC for the first 80 levels, but after that, it’s pretty much ZYX. With quests diminishing faster than a bowl of salted egg cookies in our office, you’ll more or less have to grind it out in the dungeons (a la old Maple) in order to really get those levels up again.

Incidentally, here’s a pic of me grinding it out. Say cheese.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you humblebrag about your character. Teehee.

Convenient buffs and items

It’s probably because Maplestory M is still in its initial phases, but the game masters have been particularly generous with their giveaways, whether it’s exp buffs for 15 minutes or mesos pouches that could give anything from 50,000 to the infinity stone (not kidding… not).

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