18YO Allegedly Electrocuted To Death After Sleeping With Charging Phone

Image: Daily News

In today’s society, it’s more common than not to sleep with a charging phone beside you.

“I need a fully operational battery for tomorrow,” you argue. “For the hustle, you know? Charging it through the night is a small price to pay.”

And yet, the fact remains that no matter the circumstances, you should never sleep next to a charging phone.

“Why?” you argue. “You jelly? Jelly of my all-new iPhone 11 Pro? Jelly? Jellyyyyy? I don’t care I’m sleeping next to my babe, and I’m gonna peruse it all night till I sleep. Goodnight.”

Because you might die.


“You know what, I think I’m sleeping alone tonight.”

18YO Allegedly Electrocuted To Death After Sleeping With Charging Phone

Have a consistent habit of sleeping next to, or even above your phone while it’s charging?

Well here’s a pointer; get rid of that habit before you get the shock of your life.

According to Daily News, police from the Nong Bua Daeng district of Chaiyaphum, Thailand, were called to a house after an 18-year-old was found dead on his bed.

Image: Oriental Daily

According to the news site, the mobile phone was nestled under Suthee’s body while still being plugged into the electrical socket.

He was subsequently electrocuted as a result of it.

Thought His Nephew Was Just Playing Mobile Games

Apparently, the young man’s uncle had heard a loud cry coming from the room the night before, but he thought nothing of it as he assumed his nephew was just playing mobile games like he always did.

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