People Are Eating Roasted Lizard with Rice In Vietnam

Image: Facebook (Viralcham)

Most of us have encountered lizards in our homes. These creepy-crawlers have been scaling our walls ever since we invented walls.

I know you know what they look like, but here’s a picture to creep you out.

Image for illustration purpose only Image: Sittipong Chananithitham /

Our first impulse upon seeing a lizard is to back away in disgust, but have you ever looked at one and thought Yum? 

I certainly have, I mean, look at those meaty legs and succulent torso.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

If you’re like me and you think these lizards look tasty, then you might want to take a trip to Vietnam.

Lizard Rice Bowls

Vietnam is famous for Pho, but a newcomer might knock the popular noodle soup dish off its perch.

Viral Cham, a Malaysian Chinese viral site recently posted photos of a strange new dish found in the Southeast Asian country.

It looks like this.

Image: Facebook (Viralcham)
Yes, it’s a lizard rice bowl. I know, your mouth is watering, isn’t it? The viral site even posted photos of the preparation process, to add to the disgust of netizens.

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