Kid Suffered Brain Damage After Falling Into a Chopstick That Went Through the Mouth to the Brain

Image: Oriental Daily

Be careful what you let your kids hold.

Most of you reading this are (likely) over the age of three, so those hazard warnings for toddlers often go ignored by us.

However, if you do have a kid, then you should know that their curiosity can get the better of them at times.

Sorry, mom, I did eat rocks as a child once.

Image: Giphy

Chopsticks are definitely one of those things you don’t let a toddler hold, though.

Because terrifying things like this happen.

From Hazard To Hellish Situation

This is probably going to get a bit disturbing, I’m warning you.

A one-year-old toddler from China was running about her house after eating.

This was after she had just learnt to walk, so kind of understandable for her parents to let her move around.

But for some reason, they thought it was a good idea to let her hold a chopstick.

Definitely something you shouldn’t trust someone who can barely speak and walk hold.

Unfortunately, the toddler did indeed have a fall as she was playing with it…

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