Neighbours Call Police After Smelling ‘Rotting Corpse’; Finds Out It Was Rotting Fish

Image: Facebook (บิ๊กเกรียน อินดี้)

A “tell-tale sign” may not always be accurate and things may not always be as “fishy” as they seem.

Just like this fishy story.

A Fishy Tale

For a resident of the Khlong Suan District in Thailand, what appeared to be something “fishy” really was just rotting fish.

The resident thought that there was something fishy going on when a foul, rotting smell grew stronger and stronger until it became completely unbearable.

The smell became so strong that the Thai speculated that there was a rotting corpse in the neighbour’s house.

The unnamed Khlong Suan resident was so perturbed by the smell that he called the police, informing the cops that a terrible smell was coming from the third floor.

The arrival of the police leads to a crowd of curious residents forming around the door of the apartment.

Many were wearing face masks because of the unbearable smell.

Image: Facebook (บิ๊กเกรียน อินดี้)
Eventually, the police managed to break open the door of the apartment with a crowbar. An onlooker mentioned that they had seen the owner of the apartment leave a few days before, which only added to the suspicion.

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