M’sian Student Raises Money For Stray Dog’s Medical Fees; Car Accident Broke Its Legs

Image: Facebook (J Yii Zhen)

It’s so refreshing to read a heartwarming story after the flurry of molestation cases and peeping toms with high GPAs.

This particular one has made my heart feel all fuzzy and proves to me that there is indeed hope for humanity.

Malaysian Student Raises Money For Stray Dog’s Medical Fees

We all know how expensive medical bills can get, whether for ourselves or for our furry companions. We’d go to great lengths to ensure our pets are healthy and safe. This particular Malaysian undergrad took it a step further to raise funds to pay for a stray dog’s medical fees.

Image: Giphy

In a recent Facebook post, a woman named J Yii Zhen sought help from netizens to raise funds. The stray dog needed urgent surgery.

Image: Facebook (J Yii Zhen)

The stray dog had given birth to this puppy in front of Zhen’s door a couple of months ago. Unfortunately, the 7 weeks old puppy was hit by a car and was gravely injured.

Image: Facebook (J Yii Zhen)
She then brought it to the vet and was told that its backbone was fractured and its leg bone was dislocated. What’s more horrifying is that even her intestines were displaced. These injuries required urgent and immediate treatment. My heart is literally breaking.

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