Doctor Beaten Up In Clinic After Alleged Lover’s Husband Finds Out About Affair

Image: Screengrab from Twitter Video (@MALAYSIAVIRALL)

So we all know how stories of cheating spouses and partners end. Hint: They never end well.

Just recently, we covered the news about the man who clung onto his wife’s lover’s windscreen and travelled 28 minutes in that manner.

Today, it’s something else.

A doctor was working in a private clinic in Bandar Baru Bangi when his door got opened and all of a sudden, his life got turned upside down.

Image: Screengrab from Twitter Video (@MALAYSIAVIRALL)

How Did He Find Out

According to mStar, a man by the name of Aiman recently returned from a one-year work trip in Dubai. After being away from home for so long, he decided to check on his wife’s movements throughout the year. And that was when he saw a CCTV recording of his wife and the doctor.

Knowing that his wife was cheating on him the whole time he was away from home working to bring home money obviously made him furious, so he hunted this doctor down so that he could scold the shit out of him and maybe also, beat the shit out of him.

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