14YO Dies After Teacher Makes Him Run 20 Laps As Punishment For Being 25 Minutes Late

Image: Facebook (Yenni Olivia Lahingide)

All of us would probably have been late to school at least once in our lives. Maybe it was the traffic. Maybe it was because we woke up late.

Whatever it is, we’ve done it before and we have probably gotten punished for it, either by being called out for it in front of the entire school, getting demerit points or getting detention.

However, things were slightly different for 14-year-old Fanly Lahingide in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

He and five of his friends were 25 minutes late to school on Tuesday, 1 October, and as a punishment, they were all asked by their teacher to run 20 laps around the school field under the hot sun. Fanly reportedly felt dizzy during his second lap and begged his teacher to let him rest but his request was denied.

Image: Guanghua Daily

Listening to his teacher, he continued until his body couldn’t take it anymore and he collapsed onto the ground from exhaustion and the heat.

According to Guanghua Daily, he was rushed to the emergency unit where doctors tried to save him, but sadly, he was later pronounced dead at 8.40am. The exact cause of his death remains unknown as they are still conducting an autopsy, but it is suspected to be related to the fact that he exerted himself under the extreme weather.

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