M’sian Posted Online About ‘Prison Hotel’; Didn’t Know It’s Actually BDSM-Themed

Image: Twitter (Jomkita)

Once upon a time, you booked a hotel room.

Maybe you just need a vacation, a getaway from all the hubbub of life.

You grab your luggage, check-in and start feeling excited at the beginnings of your vacation.

Then you open the door and realise you might have entered a torture chamber.

Or perhaps you accidentally stumbled upon some fetish hotel.

Yes, I Said Exactly What You Read

Depending on who you are, you might be understandably freaked out from seeing it.

Jomkita, a famous Malaysian Twitter page, took several pictures of the interior of a hotel in Vietnam and posted it on a Twitter thread.

In translation the post reads: “The bedroom is decorated like a prison. Looks different! I don’t think I would want to sleep inside it!”

I don’t think people coming to a BDSM styled hotel do all that much sleeping either, if you know what I mean. 

As of this writing, the post has 2,718 likes and 2,782 retweets. That’s a lot …interested parties.

It didn’t seem like the post was made out of false innocence too and some of the comments jokingly called them out on it.

Image: Twitter (Jomkitamy)

In translation, the comment mentioned that the admin was really innocent to what the place was.

Not everyone’s minds immediately run to the dirty stuff. Naughty you. In fact, the admin takes it very well in stride and pokes back at their followers. You can check out the amazing tweet below.

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