Man Slams Dog On The Floor & Kicks It Because Of Its High Medical Bill

Image: Facebook (不翻牆很難,很難不翻牆(專談政治))

Pets are dear to our hearts.

They shower us with unconditional love, picking us up on our gloomiest days.

(Except for cats. They usually DGAF about you until they need food)

So, naturally, when pets are harmed, we feel incredibly upset and want their abusers to be punished for it.

Man picks up and slams dog on the floor 

In a horrific video circulating, a man is shown picking up a dog from another man’s arms and hurling it to the floor.

The man then kicks and stomps on the dog, only stopping because his daughter kicks and pushes him away.

You can view the video here, but I must warn you, it is not easy to watch.

You’re probably wondering, what would compel a man to do such a horrible thing?

High medical bills

The man allegedly wanted to hurt the dog because of its high medical bills.

That doesn’t really make sense, does it?

Abuser: How is my poor sick dog doing?

Vet: Oh, he’s doing much better now. 

Abuser: Phew. That’s a relief. His well-being is really important to me. 

Vet: As it should be. Here’s the bill.

Abuser: Oh it’s incredibly expensive. Let me just take out my frustrations on my dog, even though I brought it here to treat its illness.

Vet: tf

After throwing the dog violently to the floor, the man proceeded to kick and stomp on the poor dog’s head and neck.

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