Miss S’pore International Charlotte Chia Says She Doesn’t Care That Netizens Insult Her Looks

Image: Instagram (@charlottexlucille)

Some people will always find a reason to hate or say nasty things about you.

Especially now within the social media age, it’s even easier to do.

P.S. BuffLord95 has smelly armpits.

People can hide behind net anonymity and freely type what they want, under the “protection” that no one knows who they are.

I’d imagine this would be hard to block out sometimes, especially if you’re model.

But that’s precisely what our own Miss Singapore did.

Haters Gonna Hate

Before we go on any further, it’ll be easier if I just use a reference image for the moment.

Image: Facebook (Media Malaysia)

These are the South-East Asian competitors for the 59th Miss International pageant.

As you can see on the bottom right, that’s our Singapore representative: Ms Charlotte Chia. She was crowned Miss Singapore International on 21 July and will be participating in the Japanese-based international beauty pageant on 15 November.

So far so good right?

Image: Tenor

Then, Hurtful Comments Started Showing Up

For some reason when the picture was posted several comments began to flood in criticising her looks.

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