Police NSF Jailed For Tricking Woman Into Exposing Bra During Video Call

Image: Singapore Police Force (Screengrab from The Online Citizen)

When it comes to sex crimes, who can you trust?

An educated NUS student with a 4.39 GPA? Nope.

What about your own friend? Nope, as it was learnt by Monica Baey the hard way.

What about a policeman? Surely you can trust an officer of the law? And a friend of yours at that?

Still nope.

Tricked Friend Into Posing In A Bra

Lee Yan Han was a 22-year-old full-time NSF serving in the SPF on 2 July last year.

He told his female friend that he was investigating fake mirrors in a changing room, and had already caught three out of six culprits thus far.

Wah, so cool seh~

He claimed that he needed pictures of her in a bra to lure the culprits on an online forum. While she was initially reluctant, she agreed to help as she felt pity for him, who was supposedly left to work on the case alone.

I don’t know how that worked, but it did.

He then took several screenshots during the video call, and then later on even asked her to take off her bra. But this was when she refused completely.

As she felt uncomfortable afterwards, she made a police report based on the advice of a friend she had confided in.

Oh, making a police report against a policeman.

The Return of the Probation Suitability Report

After investigations by (other) police, it was revealed that he had not been tasked to perform such investigative duties at all. They were all just lies.

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