M’sian Influencer Who Called Women Who Wear Size M Clothes ‘Fat’ Apologises

Image: Facebook (Catherine Lee)

Sometimes the tongue and hands work a little too fast.

So much so, that we pass judgement based on our own beliefs, and then regret later.

That’s what happened to Malaysian influencer Catherine Lee when she made the following post on Instagram:

Image: Instagram (cathrynli)


Not everybody aims to be slim. Some women just aim to be fit and healthy. Some just aim to be happy.

And let’s not forget the fitness fanatics like the Crossfitters, bodybuilders, physique enthusiasts and other subgroups that have body fat percentages of less than six but may outweigh your average couch potato.

Off course, Catherine’s comments did not sit well with her followers. The backlash was immediate and comments started pouring in.


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