#FastFoodFriday: KFC Brown Sugar Boba Tea Tarts: The Pearls Are Just Jellies Shaped Like Boba

Sup, people.

It’s Friday… and you know what that means!

Image: Giphy

Crowd chanting in the background: Fast, Food, Friday! Fast, Food, Friday! Fast, Food, Friday!

Image: Giphy

That’s right y’all, and naturally, we listen to the crowd and go for the hot items of the week.

Crowd chanting in the background: KFC! KFC! KFC!

Put your hands up in the air for Boba Tea Tarts!!

Image: KFC Singapore

*Crowd goes wild*

Image: Giphy

Alright enough playing around. Here’s what it looks like:

When you open the box, the smell of brown sugar just bursts out of the box.

It sounds like a good thing, and it kind of is, but there is one thing missing from the smell: the sweet buttery smell of actual egg tarts.

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