M’sian Dog Catchers Flamed For Abusing Puppies & Carrying Them By Their Hind Legs

Image: Facebook (Black & White)

I love pets. Heck, I follow way so many Instagram accounts of cute dogs and cats that sometimes, I thought earth is populated by animals and not humans.

And just like your girlfriend, puppies, the small and adorable ones, are the best.

There is just something about the innocent way they look at you, those big gleaming ‘puppy eyes’ and the enthusiastic tail wagging.

No one could possibly treat them badly right? They are so, so precious.

However, it seems like Kuala Lumpur City Council (DBKL) does not share the same sentiment.

Cruelty. No other way to put it.

A page called ‘Black & White’ shared some pictures on Facebook detailing the incident.

The pictures show workers contracted by the DBKL to clear the streets of stray dogs. Both are seen flippantly hoisting a helpless puppy by its rear legs, almost like the dog has been hunted by him.

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