Stalker Uses Reflection In Jap Idol’s Eye To Find Out Where She Lives & Molested Her

Image: NHK

Stalkers are scary.

Especially technologically-advanced stalkers with enough deductive skill to put Sherlock Holmes to shame.

Image: Mothership

And this one Japanese idol found out the hard way that sometimes, posing too many selfies can hurt you. Literally.

Man Sexually Assault Japanese Idol

Meet 21-year-old Ena Matsuoka.

Image: NHK via Koreaboo

She is part of an underground idol group called Tsukinukeniyomi.

And more recently, she was the victim of an overzealous fan. Ena was returning home from a concert on 1 Sep 2019 when a 26-year-old man, Sato Hibiki, ambushed her from behind. Sato reportedly used pressed a towel to her face and groped her body. She injured her face in the incident and needed a week for the injuries to heal.

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