16YO M’sian Girl Becomes Sole Breadwinner Of 6 Siblings After Parents Die; Has Heart Problems

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If you feel that life sucks and it’s terrible to live in this world, you’ll feel differently after reading this article.

She is 16-years-old and her life has been a series of unfortunate events yet she’s not ready to give up yet.

Meet Roselina Abdullah

Image: Harian Metro

At 3 years old, her birth father passed away.

Her mother remarried and gave birth to six children but the father disappeared after divorcing her mother.

Then, on 6 Oct 2019, her mother lost her battle with cancer and passed away.

Leaving her to fend for herself and her six siblings aged 4 to 13 years old.

Had To Drop Out Of School & Suffering From Heart Problems

Education is the thing that’ll help a person get out of poverty if it’s properly applied, that is.

But Roselina doesn’t have the luxury of education.

She had to drop out of school to help take care of her siblings and her mother when she was hospitalised for kidney cancer.

She used to work at a small eatery with her mother but the business wasn’t able to afford their services anymore.

And she, herself, suffers from heart problems too.

What? Can’t she catch a break?

Not Ready To Give Up

When faced with a situation like this, most would probably go, f**k this sh*t, I give up.

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