Chinese Singer Reveals Scary Weight Loss Diet; Loses 8kg By Eating 1 Meal A Day

Image: DramaPanda

How far will you go to lose weight? Well, Sing! China star Li Ronghao will go pretty far. 

Image: DramaPanda

Who is Li Ronghao? 

Ronghao is currently a coach on Sing! China alongside many big names such as Wang Leehom and Na Ying. 

Other than being a coach, Ronghao is also is a C-pop singer-songwriter. Some of his more popular songs include ‘Li Bai’ and ‘Can’t Bear It’. 

Ronghao is currently on his ‘If I Were Young’  world tour and will be performing in Singapore’s Indoor Stadium next Saturday. You can purchase tickets to his concert here.

His Weight Loss Journey

A few days ago, Li Ronghao took to Weibo to share with his fans his insane weight loss routine. 

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