M’sian Girl Shares Videos Of Her Dog Having A Poop & Pee Spree In BF’s Car

Image: Facebook (Janice Trx)

Brace yourself, everyone.

I cannot guarantee that your love for dogs would still be there after you’ve read the story.

Dogs are adorable creatures. But sometimes they can be a lot to handle.

Too much actually.

Just look at the mess that this dog made.

Image: Facebook (Janice Trx)

And that my friends… is a combination of the dog’s poop and pee.

All on the… car seat.

Dog Pees And Poops At The Same Time 

It all started when Janice received a call from the vet informing her that her dog, Lion, was in good health and was ready to be picked up from the vet.

As she was overseas, she had asked her boyfriend to pick Lion up at the clinic in Butterworth, Penang. Because that’s what boyfriends are for. All was going good. Until Lion started peeing and pooping right in the front seat of his car.

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