#MovieMonday: Gemini Man Review: Counting the Popcorn is More Interesting Than This Movie

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Joker, a film that cost USD$70 million to make, was released on 3 October 2019, while Gemini Man, a film with Will Smith that cost a whopping USD$158 million to make, was out just last Thursday.

Fast forward to today, and people are still talking about Joker.

Gemini Man? Simi lai de? Men born between 21 May to 21 June ah?

The lacklustre response to the movie, despite its strong marketing (I remember seeing its poster everywhere), is a testimonial that even if you’ve a superstar and a high budget, results aren’t guaranteed.

But honestly speaking, is it that bad?

Is counting the number of popcorn in your tub more interesting?

Let’s find out.

But before that…simi is Gemini Man?

Gemini Man, a Film That Took More than 20 Years to Develop

The idea for the film was conceived more than 20 years ago. In 1997, a screenwriter came out with an idea of an aging government hitman being hunted by his own clone.

Back then, they’ve already toyed with the idea of using CG to create the young clone, and several actors were considered, including popular ones like Brad Pitt, Sean Connery and Nicolas Cage.

However, there was no progress as the technology back then wasn’t good enough to recreate a realistic  young Brad Pitt.

Fast-forward to 2016 and we all know what’s happened: cars can drive by themselves, Facebook can predict what we want and Nick Fury can look young again.

So in came Will Smith, who’s now at the correct age of 51.

The film’s directed by the legendary Ang Lee, and is produced by another legend, Jerry Bruckheimer. Everything looks perfect: a script that waited twenty years to be filmed, starring a superstar and helmed by legendary producers.

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