Chinese Student Films Himself Decapitating Puppy’s Head; School Kicks Him Out


Have you burned ants with a magnifying glass or “flew a dragonfly” by tying a string to its abdomen?

If your answer is yes to any of these questions, I’m calling the police.

Cruelty knows no bounds.

But one Chinese student took cruelty to a whole new level when he started abusing man’s best friend: a stray puppy found on the university campus.

Animal Hope and Wellness made a detailed post on Instagram showing disturbing images of the young man abusing the poor, helpless puppy (Pictured Below):


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What happens to people in their lives that they begin torturing little innocent beings? . In a rare case of justice for animals in China, and due to the wide outcry from people and messages sent to the University. The student that was skinning and dismembering stray animals has been removed from the campus, and expelled from the university. . While there is very little chance this person will face criminal charges, this intervention by administration is a sign that public pressure can amount to change. The story was picked up on social media as well as Chinese news outlets. Due to an overwhelming amount of pressure, the student was removed and has been disbarred. . Thank you to everyone who spoke out, who shared the post, and who sent messages of concern demanding action. A statement was issued by the university stating they will seek to educate their students on the need to be more compassionate to animals. . Chengdu University of Technology email: [email protected] . Student name: Zhou Jingkai (周靖凯) Student number: 2017050380 . #StopAnimalAbuse @nom_aly @animalhopeinlegislation

A post shared by Animal Hope and Wellness (@animalhopeandwellness) on Oct 12, 2019 at 8:55am PDT

You can see the puppy tied up on a pole. I can only wonder what was going through the young man’s mind. That was only just the beginning of the abuse. He wound up

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