63YO M’sian Woman Dies At Home; Leaves Behind Starving Down Syndrome Child

Image: The Star

A lot of us rely on our parents to support us, especially when we are still unable to support ourselves.

And when we become more capable, it’s our turn to tell them that they can rest and that we will take care of them now.

But what if our parents leave this world when we’re still unable to support ourselves? What then?

According to The Star, this was the case for a 22-year-old Down Syndrome lady in Johor Bahru.

What Happened

She was staying with her 63-year-old mother who was her primary caretaker.

On Saturday, 12 October, the lady’s 27-year-old brother decided to visit them at 11.10pm and when he arrived at the house, he called out for his mother but was met with no response.

That was when he climbed the house grill and ventured further into the house. And he saw his mother laying motionless on the living room floor, so he immediately called 999 for help.

Image: The Star
According to Asia One, Larkin Fire and Rescue Department operations commander, Saifulizam Mohd Salleh, said that nine personnel and one Emergency Medical Rescue Services unit rushed to the house in Taman Impian Emas. When they arrived, they found

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