#TuesdayTruthday: Goody Feed Human Beings Reveal The Worst Thing They Did As A Rebellious Teenager

We all agree that the Internet is filled with nothing but truthfulness: that influencer whom you’ve been stalking definitely looks like a diva 24 hours a day, and travel 365 days a year.

Your friend is in a great relationship because he’s been posting lovey-dovey images on Instagram, despite the fact that you saw him on Tinder this morning.

With so many people having such a perfect image online, we thought of having a weekly section called #TuesdayTruthday, whereby we Goody Feed, the imperfect human beings on the Internet, reveal some of our stories to show you the truth online.

And for this Tuesday, we’re focusing on something that we’ve all experienced: teenage angst and rebellion.

Ahh, teenage life. Your body is like yo wtf is happening to me, your mind experiences a different emotion every ten minutes and your heart keeps going badonkadonk for cute people around you.

And, in addition to blood, angst and anger seem to course through your veins throughout your adolescence, making you feel like tearing off heads and punching walls.

Angry Leonardo Dicaprio GIF
Image: Giphy

And while we Goody Feed beings seem like nice creatures who would never hurt a fly, we actually enjoying hurting flies and often do it as a team-building exercise in the office.

We’ve also been terrible teenagers. Here are three stories of teenage angst:

The One Who Snuck Off To Malaysia – Editor, 27

Growing up in a conservative family, I’ve been acclimated to the word ‘no’.  Me: Mummy, can I sleep over at my friend’s house?  Mother: No! Me: Mummy can I celebrate my friend’s birthday at a chalet?

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