Man Digging A Grave For His Daughter Finds A Newborn Girl Buried Alive

Image: BBC

Truth is sometimes stranger than fiction.

In a twist of fate, a man in Lucknow, India, finds a baby girl alive in a pot while burying his infant daughter who died minutes after birth.

I only have one word to say. Or is it two?

Bitter sweet.

Thought his daughter had come alive

Hitesh Sirohi was digging a grave to bury his infant daughter who died minutes after birth when his spade hit something hard.

Of course, Hitesh dug up the hard item. He found an earthen pot, and inside it: a baby girl who was still alive.

Unfolds like a movie plot, doesn’t it?

Sirohi found the baby girl wrapped up in a cloth and crying. Hitesh fed her milk through cotton wool before calling the police and an ambulance.

Hitesh said that he thought that his daughter had come alive. I would have felt exactly the same way. I mean, what are the chances of finding a living baby girl while bearing the heavy burden of burying your own deceased infant? Makes you believe in magic doesn’t it? It sure makes me believe a little more.

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