Chinese Fake Luxury Goods Seller Caught After Officers Saw Mom Putting Pork Into ‘LV’ Bag

Picture for Illustration Purposes. Image: LiveAbout

Pretty sure we’ve all bought fake goods before.

As a kid, I used to have a dusty old Playstation with mostly imitation copies of actual games.

The games didn’t work right at times, but it was good enough.

Image: Imgur

Also at least said seller of the games only charged me three to five bucks.

Now imagine you were just an everyday man and someone sold you a rather convincing looking bag for the same price at the original?

Boy, I’d be pissed.

Bagging A Fake One

I think the set up for this case was kind of weird, honestly.

So, an online trader from southwest China has been detained for selling fake luxury goods to people.

Picture for Illustration Purposes. Image: LiveAbout

The reason? Apparently the police got tipped off after her mother was spotted using a Louis Vuitton bag to carry pork and vegetables she bought at a local market.

I mean yeah that’s weird, but you never know. It do be like that sometimes.

Even funnier was that police in Chongqing said officers patrolling the market late last month felt that that, based on her clothing, it was not something she could afford.

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