Man Rents Hotel Room To Shower; Finds His GF Cheating With 50YO Uncle Next Door

Image: Sin Chew Daily, Business Images

The universe can be a cruel place.

A pigeon can decide to poop on your head, even though you’re at a concert with 500 other people.

An LTA officer could fine you for illegal parking even though he sped by several illegally parked cars in the morning.

Or you could find your girlfriend cheating with an uncle next door to the hotel you booked to take a shower.

No, this’s not a plot from a Japan movie you watch at night.

Man Rents Hotel Room To Shower, Finds His GF Cheating With With 50YO Uncle Next Door

Now, you’re probably wondering, who the hell books a hotel to shower? Is this man Bill Gates? Or does he want to feel fancy while getting clean?

Not quite. According to Sin Chew Daily, the Vietnamese man, who wants to be known as Aki, rented a hotel room in Hanoi, Vietnam to shower because his house was affected by the mass water cuts that have plagued the city’s residents as a result of the recent flooding.

Image: VietnamNet

Aki, wanting to save money, tried negotiating with the front desk manager to get a lower price because he was merely using the room to shower and wasn’t staying the night.

The manager eventually assented, and Aki got a room next to a 50-year-old man and his young girlfriend.

You can see where this is going.

As Aki prepared to take a shower, he could hear the couple next door having sex. Now, it’s not like he held a glass up to the door and indulged in his voyeuristic fantasies. He just thought that the girl who

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