Study: 50% Of Women Have A Back-Up Partner In Mind Just In Case Theirs Don’t Cut It

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“Wait what?” That was my first reaction when I first read about the study.

According to India Today, almost half of all women have a back-up partner and a plan in place, just in case they call it quits with their beau.

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“This can’t be true!”

“We’re supposed to believe in happy ever after!”

“Yeah! Where the f*ck is Prince Charming?!”

Okay, okay calm down.

Maybe you belong to the other 50% or.. maybe you’re one of the women who already has bae number two lined up just in case.

OR maybe you’re the angsty jealous boyfriend reading this and planning to confront your girlfriend right this moment.

Study: Almost 50% Of Women Have A Back-Up Partner In Mind Just In Case Theirs Don’t Cut It

Yes, unfortunately, it’s true and not just some fabricated sick joke. Half of all women have another man in mind as a plan B in the event of a break-up.

The study also found that a lady who’s married are more likely to have a second option in place compared to those who are simply in a relationship.

The scariest fact?

The study states that in most cases, it is an old friend who has had feelings for the woman in the past. Otherwise, it could be an ex-boyfriend or an ex-husband. Otherwise, it may be a colleague or a friend at the gym, based on the study.

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