Netizens Anyhowly Find $60K-a-Month Payslip of a Certain ‘Ramesh’ & Link It to The Condo Resident

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Lest you’ve been living under a cave, you would surely be familiar with the viral case of Ramesh, a condo resident who infamously yelled at a security guard for doing his job.

Rather ironically.

Image: Facebook (All Singapore Stuff)

Indeed, as this meme of my colleague’s creation goes to show… doing your job well could actually backfire at times.

Image: Imgflip

But if you’re really living under a cave because of certain lifestyle preferences, here’s a rough story recap courtesy of my foodie colleague Victor:

  • Ramesh, the condo resident, is expecting visitors for Deepavali
  • As it turns out, that particular condo Eight Riversuites has a rule that visitors need to pay S$10 to use the carpark
  • Security guard tries to tell Ramesh of the rules
  • Ramesh shouts irrelevant information like “I buy your f***ing property for $1.5million”, “You can do whatever you want to do, f*ck off,” and “This is Diwali weekend you know? There will be a lot of visitors visiting Indians.”
  • Video uploaded to social media
  • Netizen armchair detectives dug up information on Ramesh
  • Ramesh receives 200 threatening calls

Long story short, Ramesh messed around with the wrong security guard…

And now he’s getting doxxed for it.

Police Report

As mentioned above, netizen aka “armchair detectives” managed to dig up some solid info on Ramesh, and swiftly spilt it all onto the net. And with his confidential information out in the open, Ramesh soon found himself the unwilling victim of some 200 calls and has since filed a police report.

Well, that escalated quickly.

But here’s the thing. As keen-eyed and Sherlock-esque as netizens may be, there’s bound to be some who aren’t as… proficient in the investigation department. Exemplification in case?

The following article headline.

Netizens Anyhowly Find $60K-a-Month Payslip of a Certain ‘Ramesh’ & Link It to The Condo Resident

As our kind and practical armchair detectives scurry around in a frenzy to unearth some good shit on Ramesh, all kinds of information have sprung up. And while some are certainly legitimate, some are, for lack of a better phrase… questionable.

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