S’pore Man Allegedly Lost Phone In Taxi & Had $4,000 Stolen From GrabPay

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I’m sure that all of us have lost our valuables in a taxi or someplace else at least ones in our lives. So you must know that the feeling is absolute crap.

You’re just going about your day as per normal when you realise that you’re missing something valued. Panic bubbles up and your heart constricts.

Yeap, that’s what this man went through. Twice.

S’pore Man Allegedly Lost Phone In Taxi & Had $4,000 Stolen From GrabPay

The first stage of panic was when he first realised that he had lost his phone.

The second stage of panic was when he realised that someone had made a transaction of $4,000 using GrabPay.

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The man had allegedly lost his phone in a taxi while he was going home. Lao Qi Yan, 45, hopped into a cab from Paya Lebar to his house.

On 4 November 2019 at approximately 2am, he realised that his Samsung Note 5 mobile phone was not with him.

From here, you know the drill. He tried to call his phone but no one picked up. Soon, his phone was presumably switched off. He also received an email from Grab regarding a request to change his email address and that a someone was trying to break into his account.

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