PMD Rider Confronts Couple For Allegedly Staring At Him When He Rode PMD On Footpath

Image: / Facebook (SG Road Vigilante)

In case you haven’t gotten the memo yet, PMDs are now banned on footpaths in Singapore.

Here’s a short video explaining the PMD ban:

And PMD riders are left shell-shocked at the government’s fast-and-furious ban.

But, of course, just because a ban was put into place doesn’t mean there are no more PMDs on footpaths.

Image: Facebook

Nor does it mean that PMD riders are entirely comfortable breaking the law, as this one man shows.

Confronts Couple For ‘Staring’

On 14 Nov 2019, a PMD rider got into a confrontation with a couple at a bus stop, allegedly in Bishan.

The reason for the confrontation?

They stared at him “like he’s doing something wrong”.

The video of the confrontation made it online and went viral.

Why You Stare At Me

At the start of the video, the rider walked towards the couple and started asking (aggressively) for their reason in staring at him. The couple denied ever staring at him but he seemed to think they’re lying.

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