Another S’pore Influencer Allegedly Got into Shotgun Marriage

Image: YouTube (Dee Kosh)

Well, it seems like shotgun marriage is a trend among influencers right here in Singapore.

We’ve Naomi Neo in 2017, who allegedly was afraid to tell her then-boyfriend about the pregnancy but eventually did so. Then we’ve JianHao Tan, who just welcome his new baby to this world this September, and as of now, the three-month-old baby has more Instagram followers than some top influencers in Singapore, clocking an impressive 116k followers.

And now, one more influencer is joining them.

Dee Kosh’s Boys

The name Xinde might not ring a bell, but you’d have definitely heard of Dee Kosh.

The popular YouTuber / DJ / Host / Fried-Chicken-Lover has a team of boyband-looking boys that often appears in his videos.

One of which is Xinde.

And this dimpled handsome oppa isn’t just Dee Kosh’s shadow: the guy has over 74K followers in Instagram, which means he’s one of the A-list influencers in Singapore.

(Though JianHao’s daughter has more followers, but anyways)

And he’s not just an influencer.

Immediately after ORD-ing in 2017, he did what many couldn’t afford to dared not do: he opened a bar in Tanjong Pagar, because why not.

Called Chug Chug, the two-year-old bar looks Instagram-worthy, and having an influencer as the boss certainly helps, too.

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Just our boss, casually packing pastas

A post shared by CHUG CHUG (@chugchugsg) on

In other words, Xinde isn’t just your usual influencer: he’s also a business owner.

Editor: Wait, I thought all influencers have a café or bar or restaurant because—

He’s like the perfect specimen of a human being: good-looking, popular, rich and owns a business.

And now, he’s going to be a father.

Sudden Announcement in Dee Kosh’s Video

In the latest Dee Kosh video, it started out innocuously as the boys and uncle Dee Kosh played a game. But all of a sudden, the video took a 360-degree turn as it’s revealed that Xinde is getting married.

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