Parrot Man, Who Had Wanted to be an MP, Believed to Have Died Yesterday (16 Nov)

Image: TNP & Google Maps

Even if you’re apolitical, you’d have heard of Zeng Guo Yuan aka Parrot Man.

The man shot to fame in 2011 after his unsuccessful attempts at the 2011 general elections and presidential election.

However, prior to that, he’d already been on the headlines for many other reasons: in fact, the man has been trying to be elected since 1991.

In 2008, he blamed his pet parrot for getting him arrested and charged for using abusive language at two police officers. That was also when he earned his nickname.

The man continued to in the limelight, from his surprise visit to the City Harvest trial that resulted in an argument to his persistent disorderly behaviour at Orchard Road that led to an arrest.

However, in recent years, most would remember him for his unconventional public behaviour and the gaping hole on his face due to cancer.

He had removed his nose due to nose cancer in 2014, and had been reportedly selling tissue paper for a living.

The man, however, is believed to have died yesterday (16 November 2019).

Found Dead on 16 November 2019 Night at Geylang Babru

The 66-year-old man allegedly lived in a Geylang Babru HDB flat, which unfortunately caught fire in 2017 despite him claiming that he was “homeless”.

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