Salted Egg Indomie Review: So Salty Yet So Good That It Deserves 1/2 Michelin Star

Indomie’s absolutely perfect on its own.

But add the divine salted egg to it?

That, my friends, is a foodgasm waiting to happen. As Gordon Ramsay would put it…

Image: Tenor

But it’s just that: a distinct dream never going to happen. Or at least that’s what I thought, until this baby came flying into our office.

Somehow, incredibly…

I’m going to have one whole packet of this beautiful combination… all to myself.


Who says dreams don’t come true?


A wise old man once claimed a phrase for his own: “Never judge a book by its cover”.

But to that, I call utter bullshit. Would you rather have a bowl of instant noodles with hanjuku eggs, or one with cockroaches? 

Obviously cockroaches, right? Seeing how they’re bursting with protein.

As it is, appearance definitely plays a part, despite what anyone says. And fortunately…

The aesthetics shine through.

Chilli padis not in package: we stole them from our friendly coffeeshop

Indeed, one look at this delicacy and I knew: I’m gonna finish this whole bowl by myself, no matter what anyone says.

With springy noodles looking fly as ****, and thick creamy salted egg sauce drizzled across the surface, the dish is a food-teral Succubus.


A bowl of instant noodles with hanjuku eggs might sound near heavenly, but if it smells like a vat of durian cooked with an abundance of blue cheese, it’s not gonna gain any ardent supporters.

And thankfully, that’s not the case for this bowl of Salted Egg Indomie Noodles. With a rich aroma that wafts through to your nostrils, it’s a fragrance far, far away from any a durian might produce.

Admittedly, the salted egg tint wasn’t the strongest, but I could smell just enough of it to know that what I’m having is the real deal.


The aforementioned bowl of instant noodles might look pleasing and smell heavenly, but if it tastes like literal shit it’s still not gonna gain any followers.

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