The Alleged Reason on Why SIA Isn’t in Crazy Rich Asians

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I’m pretty sure anyone who has watched Crazy Rich Asians would have this burning question after they walked out of the cinema:

How the heck did Pierre Png train for that crazy six-pack? All the Captains I know in the army looks like Ronaldo (the Brazil one, not the Portugal one).

And then, the next question would be this: Why isn’t Singapore Airlines in the movie?

I mean, the film is like a Singapore Tourism Board video showcasing the high-SES side of Singapore: from the panning shot of every major Singapore landmark like MBS, the Singapore Flyer, Gardens by the Bays and even Newton Hawker Centre, the place that allegedly has the best satays, you’d have expected SIA to appear somewhere, even if it’s not a product placement.

Moreover, with the characters spending some time in an airplane, it’s the perfect opportunity for a product placement. Who needs Casey Neistat when you’ve got Crazy Rich Asians, right?

When I saw the fictional Pacific Asean Airlines, my first instinct is this: “Okay, the crazy rich producers don’t have the budget to put SIA there.”

Image: YouTube screengrab

But, no. It turns out that SIA allegedly rejected the movie instead.

Okay. I’m shook. But here’s what really happened.

Singapore Airlines Don’t Think the Movie Would Represent the Airline and Their Customers in a Good Light

Firstly, the producers, just like us, thought that having SIA in the movie is a no-brainer: you want to show high-SESness, you go for them. At least that’s what I thought.

I mean, that’s precisely the reason why people always humblebrag about their flights in SIA, right?

Image: Vytautas Kielaitis /
According to an interview in TheWrap, a US entertainment and media news website, even the producers were shocked when they were turned down.

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