Newborn Baby In S’pore Suffocated After Co-sleeping With Parents For First Time

Image: iStock (Image for illustration purpose only)

Imagine placing your newborn baby down on a bed and returning shortly after, only to find out that your baby had stopped breathing.

Unfortunately, this was what happened to the 19-day-old baby who suffocated to death after the mother put him down on the bed for the first time beside her husband.

What Happened Before The Incident 

According to TODAYOnline, on the evening of 8 June 2018, the baby’s father had told his wife to sleep with their older child as he needed to do some work.

Usually, he would sleep in the master bedroom with their older child in a cot and his wife would sleep in the living room of their Chai Chee flat with the newborn.

After working through the night in the living room, he went to sleep in the master bedroom at about 6.30am when the baby was still asleep in his playpen.

Wife Did Not Want To Leave Baby Alone 

After about half an hour, his wife picked up the baby and placed him on his back beside his father on the bed in the master bedroom for the first time.

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