3 Friends Go Swimming But 19YO Drowns While Friends Look On & Take Videos


Many times, most of us would consider our friends to be the closest ones to us. Sure, we may be close to our family, but our friends are just different.

There are virtually no barriers between both of you and you are able to rely on them for anything, especially when you guys are really true best friends.

True friends are hard to come by and that’s why most of all us cherish all the ones we have. It’s not about the number of friends you have, but the quality.

But how would you know that the ones around you are your true friends? Sure, everything may seem all rosy when things are going well. But what if something bad happens? Will they still stand by you?

Will you be able to trust them with your life?

Sadly, one 19-year-old couldn’t.

A Day Out For 3 Teens, Only 2 Return Home

It was 15 November and 19-year-old Jaffer Ayub decided to take a swim at the quarry in Kalburgi, Karnataka along with his two friends.

Instead of testing the waters first, Ayub confidently dived in first while his friends took a video of his form.


All was fun and Ayub swam a few metres away from the riverbank.

Ayub started to swim towards the riverbank and his friends, but they realised that he looked like he had already exhausted all his energy because he lost his grip of the shore. He was then submerged underwater for a while as he started to struggle and panic because he realised that he couldn’t breathe properly.


According to UNILADone of his friends reached his hand out to Ayub as an attempt to pull him in, but for reasons undisclosed, he pulled it back afterwards, leaving Ayub to continue fighting the waters alone.


The friend who was initially recording continues to capture the scenes that unfold and as Ayub continues to keep his head above water, they just looked on in silence. Another group of women was also said to be at the scene, but they didn’t offer help either as they watched on.


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