M’sian Air Stewardess Allegedly Breaks Arms After Carrying Passenger’s Luggage

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Being an air stewardess is no easy feat.

Besides serving countless passengers’ demands and requests, fighting jetlag and wearing restrictive clothing, they have to carry overweight luggage that sometimes breaks their arms.

No, really. I’m not even kidding.

M’sian Air Stewardess Allegedly Breaks Arms After Carrying Passenger’s Luggage

Now I know your face must be looking a little something like this right now:

Image: Pinterest

But you read it right.

A Malaysian air stewardess really did (allegedly) break her arm while trying to help a passenger carry his suitcase to put it into the plane’s overhead compartment.

Unfortunately, the luggage fell and hit her arm.

We all know what happens next.

Image: Tenor

Colleague Shares About The Incident Online

The tweet was posted on 23 November. It has since received 12,000 retweets and 7,167 likes.

Here is a translation of the tweet, provided by Mothership:

“One of our cabin crew broke her arm because she was helping a passenger lift his luggage into the overhead compartment.

The luggage fell, hit her arm and her arm broke.

Guys…if you can’t even carry your own bags, please ensure that you check them in before boarding.

We are not allowed to help lift or carry your bags.

Too many cabin crews suffer from slipped discs and broken bones.

Because of that, we are forced to take a long MC, during which we will not get paid.

And it’s all because of stubborn passengers like you.

If we move the bag to cargo, we will definitely receive complaints from the passenger.

Please think of others, if you can’t even carry your own bags, what makes you think that we can?

Carrying your bags is not our job. Our job is to ensure that you are safe throughout the flight.

And it’s not gentlemanly of you to ask a female flight attendant to help carry your bag.

For the elderly, if you know you’re not capable, please check in your bags.

Same goes for mothers travelling with a baby. Please check in your luggage okay. I will never carry the load for passengers. I will take care of myself first before

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