BKK Having a Shopping Mall That’s 3.5 Times of VivoCity on 8 Nov 2018

I know, I know: Who in their right mind would go to a shopping mall when they’re in Thailand, right?

It’s like flying all the way to Europe and having McDonald’s every day.

But what if I tell you…there are people who do that?

Yah, I did that. Not having McDonald’s in Europe every day, but going to shopping malls in Thailand.

After all, Thailand is as hot as Singapore (maybe even hotter), so shopping malls provide the cool respite from the melting street stalls that everyone craves for.

And soon, there’ll be one more mall for you to escape from the heat.

Not just any mall, but one heck of a big mall that sits on a 750,000 sqm land: that’s about 100 football fields.

I’m pretty sure you’ll be so spoiled for choice, you might spend the entire duration of your stay there exploring the mall #justsaying

ICONSIAM, Thailand’s Approach toward Peak Retail

Known to be “the best of Thailand meets the best of the world”, ICONSIAM  is a all-in-one complex that comprises shopping malls and a condos. Located on the land on the bank of Chao Phraya River (i.e. next to a river), it’s a combination of four buildings: two residential ones and two retail ones.

Yah, kind of like Waterway Point in Punggol but waaaaaaayyyyy bigger.

Image: bangkokriver.com

Of course we’re not interested in the condo (unless you intend to buy one…or maybe rent one for AirBnB?) but the two retail complexes that promise more than just cheap shopping experience, but an Instagram-worthy backdrop.

Here, take a look:

Image: bangkokriver.com

…and this:

Image: iconsiam.com

In total, the shopping malls would over 525,000 sqm – which is about 3.5 times the size of VivoCity.

If you’ve lost your way to VivoCity before, then I bet all my assets that you’ll find yourself looking for the exit when you’re in this mall.

Apple Store, Michelin 3-Starred Restaurant, indoor floating market and even Takashimaya

Guess what? If you’re an Apple fan, you’d be glad to know that the first branch of Apple Store in Thailand would be located in this iconic mall. In addition, it’s looking to include a Michelin 3-Starred restaurant there.

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